Abandoned Carts


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Blueprint Abandoned carts is a hugely powerful tool to reduce churn rates and recover sales that have otherwise been lost. This tool will actively target customers who have filled in their payment information and reached the shipping page without purchasing. Sending a personalised message while the order is fresh could prompt a customer to recover the order. 


  • Make sure your {brand_name} is added at the start of the message so customers know who is messaging.
  • Use your brand tone of voice to give the message a personalised feel. Avoid sounding overly desperate or begging and we find that humour generally increases conversion rate.

  • Make sure the tag {link_to_checkout} is added in the message as this will add a one click checkout link that will take the customer back to the checkout page with all their details already populated. Add this tag to the very end of the message so it previews correctly on mobile.
  • You can add up to three Abandoned Carts. We’d recommend setting the first one to send after an hour when the checkout experience will still be fresh.
  • We’d recommend sending the second message anywhere around the 24 hours mark and if sending a third, at least 2 days after the original purchase attempt. Sending these too close together may have the opposite effect and feel overly ‘spammy’.

  • Entice the customer back to the checkout back to the checkout with a discount code (they can purchase with 1 click from the checkout but will still have the opportunity to add a discount code if they wish)