Add a Magic Cart link into your existing flows

The Magic Cart creates a seamless purchasing journey whereby a customer can reorder, or add to their existing order, in just a couple of clicks. The Magic Cart is simply a URL link (personalized to that customer) that can be added to flows following most Shopify triggers* (e.g Placed Order/Fulfilled Order) or a Segment. The Magic Cart can therefore be used in any exiting welcome, post purchase or winback flows simply by substituting your current redirect URL's for the Magic Cart link below.

*This does not work for 'Ordered Product' trigger.


Add the Magic Cart to your existing flows that begin with one of the triggers (listed above) by using the code below. Make sure to substitute the 'WEBSITE URL' with your website URL link.

https://WEBSITE URL/apps/blueprint/replenishments?customer_id={{ }}&order_id={{ }}


After adding, double check the link is working correctly by opening up the Edit section of the Klaviyo flow and selecting Preview and then clicking on the link - you should be successfully taken to the Magic Cart.


Discount codes can be added to the Magic Cart so that the codes are automatically applied to the cart. To do this, simply add: &discount=XXXX to the end of the link (making sure xxxx represent the predesigned Shopify discount code). Please read this article for more info.