Adding Images to Automations

As well as sending images or GIF's in single messages or as part of a group campaign, they can also be added to 'Automations'.

How to Setup

  1. Head to Automations and select 'Edit' on the applicable automation.

  2. Scroll down to the copy section and select the paperclip icon

  3. Select 'Upload Image' and select a file in which to add. Once added, select the option 'Attach to message as MMS' and then 'Add to message'.

  4. Once added, all customers will receive this image along with the written copy in the form of an MMS message. The MMS will look like this:


    • MMS is only available to merchants with a US number.
    • A customer can reply to a message with another MMS message.
    • MMS messages have a maximum character limit of 1600 and are charged at 5 message segments.
    • The file types available to send are: JPEG, PNG and GIF.
    • Uploading an Image - Best Practices