Activating Auto-delay messages

The Upcoming Charge message is a great way to notify the customer of their upcoming subscription renewal. By alerting the customer before they are charged and by giving them the opportunity to delay their order, they are less likely to cancel, extending their LTV in the process.

How to Activate

  1. Make sure the Upcoming charge message is toggled on.
  2. Head to Settings > Subscription Management

  3. Toggle 'On' the option to 'Enable reply 'DELAY' to delay next subscription charge'. Set the desired timeframe for delay. Click 'Save Changes'.

  • When a customer replies 'DELAY' to a message, the subscription integration will now automatically delay that charge by the number of days added. 
  • When a charge is successfully delayed, the customer will receive the auto-response "Great, we moved your next order to be on MM/DD/YYYY" 

  • Before the next rearranged order date, the customer will receive another Upcoming Charge message and they will be able to move their order again. 
  • If you would like to disable the auto-delay functionality simply toggle off. If a customer then replies with 'DELAY', you will need to manually alter the subscription renewal in your subscription platform directly.
  • If a customer replies with a variation on DELAY such as 'Delay please' or 'DELAY by 3 weeks!' the message will not auto-skip and this will need to be edited manually.
  • The word 'DELAY' is not case sensitive and a period or full stop will also lead to a successful skip e.g the response of 'Delay.' would trigger an auto-delay.
  • If you'd prefer to give the customer the option to skip their order only, make sure any reference to DELAY is removed from the messaging.
  • Make sure you add the delay timeframe in the message copy so that a customer is aware of how long the delay is.