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Average Revenue per Customer

What is the average revenue per customer?


Average Revenue Per Customer ⬆️

This number is similar to an LTV metric (Life Time Value ) and is the average spend of customers before they churn. 

How we calculate this:

  • At an individual customer level we will see what order number a customer is on, eg order #5. We will also see what the customer’s total historic spend is over those 5 orders and average order value. 
  • We calculate a percentage of historic customers for the brand who have gone from a 5th order to a 6th order.
  • We multiply their average order value with this factor and add to their historic lifetime spend in order to calculate the prediction for their LTV. 
  • We add each unique customer LTV together and divide by total customers to get a brand average.

With 1:1 conversational messages and a reorder prompt reminders containing a 1 click payment link, Blueprint customers are more likely to make more purchases and consequently increase the Average Revenue per customer.