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Blueprint + Slack

Connect Blueprint to your Slack to receive message notifications in your Slack Dashboard.

Firstly we'll need you to create a new channel in your Slack channel. Please use your brand name followed by 'blueprintsupport' e.g matchaworksblueprintsupport or homelandbrewingblueprintsupport


Please Note: This should be a regular slack channel not a shared channel.



After creating the channel, you'll need to then confirm to us the name of your Slack channel for us to activate. Please send to support@blueprint.store

Once we've activated at our end we'll send you a new link. Please click on this and approve Blueprint access to the channel. You will then begin to receive notifications every time a customer replies to a message.

Please note: Further notifications are disabled for that customer when you respond to their message - this will switch back on 1 hour after the last message is sent.