Blueprint Subscribe Phone Number API

The Blueprint Subscribe Phone Number API allows you to add and opt-in phone numbers to your Blueprint account for SMS transactional and marketing messages. It’s typically used when you have a source of opted in phone numbers not directly supported by Blueprint, this will allow you to add numbers using a simple HTTP request.


Authorisation: Requests to this API are authorised by API key. It’s important that you treat these API keys like passwords, as they allow access to your Blueprint data. Please contact for an API key.

How to

To add a number to your account send a HTTP POST request to with the following JSON payload:











REQUIRED. The phone number to be opted in. Must be in international E.164 format, starting with a + symbol



REQUIRED. Boolean, set to true if the contact has explicitly opted in to SMS marketing in a TCPA compliant way.

true / false


Note that if 'optinSMSMarketing' is set to false, the number is still added to your Blueprint database, it is just unavailable for marketing messages. 



curl -X POST \

-H 'Authorization:82e6f994-9924-11eb-a3f9-xxxxxxxx'\

-H 'Content-Type:application/json'\ \
-d '{"phoneNumber":"+447799999999","optinSMSMarketing":true}'