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Blueprint Subscribe Phone Number API

The Blueprint Subscribe Phone Number API allows you to add and opt-in phone numbers to your Blueprint account for SMS transactional and marketing messages. It’s typically used when you have a source of opted in phone numbers not directly supported by Blueprint, this will allow you to add numbers using a simple HTTP request.


Authorisation: Requests to this API are authorised by API key. It’s important that you treat these API keys like passwords, as they allow access to your Blueprint data. Please contact support@blueprint.store for an API key.

How to

To add a number to your account send a HTTP POST request to https://prod.blueprint-api.com/integrations/contact/subscribe with the following JSON payload:











REQUIRED. The phone number to be opted in. Must be in international E.164 format, starting with a + symbol



REQUIRED. Boolean, set to true if the contact has explicitly opted in to SMS marketing in a TCPA compliant way.

true / false


Note that if 'optinSMSMarketing' is set to false, the number is still added to your Blueprint database, it is just unavailable for marketing messages. 



curl -X POST \

-H 'Authorization:82e6f994-9924-11eb-a3f9-xxxxxxxx'\

-H 'Content-Type:application/json'\
https://prod.blueprint-api.com/integrations/contact/subscribe \
-d '{"phoneNumber":"+447799999999","optinSMSMarketing":true}'