Can I use my current phone number for Blueprint?

Yes! If you have a number already in use that has SMS capabilities and number porting is available in your country, we will be able to transfer that number for use in Blueprint. Please read the following info and contact your Account Manager to begin the process.

How to

We use the messaging service Twilio to send all messages in the Blueprint system. If the number is already registered in Twilio (you may have previously purchased the number or had it ported over), we will need you to:

  1. Obtain either a Customer Service Record (CSR) or your Account SID code from your current supplier or carrier.
  2. Sign a Letter of Authorization (we will send this over to you on request.)
Please note: This may take up to 5 working days to complete

If the number is registered with another provider, the number will need to be ported over to Twilio. We will need you to:

  1. Send over your latest monthly bill which includes the phone number. If your provider doesn't provide you with a bill, please provide a receipt of phone number purchase and/or a screenshot of your account portal with the phone numbers included.

  2. Sign a Letter of Authorization (we will send this over to you on request.)

Please note: This may take up to 2 weeks to complete depending on carriers. If porting an international number (non US), this may take longer.


  • Once the number has been confirmed, Twilio will provide a date of porting and timeframe of when the port will occur. The exact time may vary depending on the provisioning partners involved.
  • Once a port date has been scheduled, it can no longer be cancelled or rescheduled.
  • There can sometimes be a period immediately following porting where the number may still not have fully transferred. We recommend double checking with your previous provider that the number has been fully ported before we activate in Blueprint.
  • Porting is not available in some countries. Please check here for all available countries.
  • If transferring a US number without MMS capability into Blueprint, you will not be able to send MMS messages.