Common Questions on Messaging.

Queries covering Phone numbers, Porting, Restrictions, Customers messaging your brand and messaging across different countries.

Are there any restrictions on messages I can send?

Blueprint has built-in filters to maintain the best deliverability rates by filtering out spammy messaging. 

Does Blueprint provide a unique phone number?

Yes, every brand that uses Blueprint will have its own custom long-digit phone number.


Are customers charged when messaging my brand?

Standard message rates apply when a consumer is messaging your brand. 


What messaging channels does Blueprint support?

Currently, Blueprint only supports SMS. However, we're constantly expanding into new messaging channels.


What if a customer messages from another country?

Merchants operating in the USA and Canada:
Only customers in your country can message your number. 

Merchants operating in the UK and Europe: 
Customers throughout all of these countries can message your number. They will be charged their standard network rate to communicate with you. 


Can I port over my current number?

Yes, if you have a long-code number you already use for your brand you can port this over to Blueprint. Please contact us to start this.


What if customers send "stop"?

If any of your customers send stop to opt-out of your messaging, they'll immediately be removed from your dashboard and you as a merchant won't be able to contact them until they re-subscribe. 


When setting times on messages, is the time set from the first order or the last message sent?

When scheduling the time on a message, the period set is from the time the order was originally placed. E.g If setting the reorder prompt to '30 Days' the message will be triggered to send 30 days from the original purchase date, not the 'Order Fulfillment' message or last message sent.


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