The Importance of the 'Order Confirmation' Message

The ability to toggle all automated messages on/off within Blueprint is a useful feature however we strongly advise leaving the 'Order Confirmation (1st order only)' message switched on for several reasons:

  • The order confirmation message is the first message a customer will receive from your brand and will therefore let them know your brand number and how to contact you. Including {brand_name} at the start of the message will let them know itโ€™s you. For more tips and tricks on message copy, see here.

  • Order confirmation messages act as an introduction for customers to your SMS channel. Without them, customers may be surprised by future automated messages or group campaigns which could lead to a higher unsubscribe rate. This is particularly important when sending products in future campaigns as these will come in the form of a link. Customers may be understandably wary of clicking on a link if it comes from an unknown number and so there will be higher levels of confidence and subsequent conversion, if there is prior correspondence from your brand number.

  • The confirmation message  should contain the instructions on how a customer can opt-out by texting the word "stop". This will inform customers how to opt-out if required.
  • We recommend that the instructions to opt-out are contained in the first message a customer receives as it will let customers know right away how to opt-out if they wish. This will reduce unwanted messages being sent.
  • We recommend keeping the confirmation messages concise and to the point. Reducing the amount of emojis can help keep the segment count low whilst simultaneously keeping brand tone of voice and necessary info. For more info on message segments see here.