How to view your Contacts

View all your customer contacts in one central location in the Blueprint dashboard. Filter by opt-in status and date, whether customers are active or churned, the amount of orders they've made, lifetime spend and whether they are on a subscription. This can be particularly useful if searching for a specific subset of customers (such as highest value, or those opting in on a certain date) and sending them a direct message. By clicking on a contact, the message window will open allowing 1:1 conversation.


You can search by customer name or number using the search bar. Clicking on a row will automatically open up the 1:1 conversation with them.

Ability to search by Opt-in and Customer Statuses

You can quickly toggle the 'opt-in' statuses and customer statuses using the drop down filters.


Opt-in Status
  • No preference: Gave number at Shopify checkout but no consent given for marketing messaging. Transactional permissions only
  • Opted-in: Full marketing consent given
  • Opted-out: Opted out from messaging

Customer Status

  • Active: Has recently made a purchased and is still considered an "Active" customer.
  • Churned: Hasn't made a recent purchase, no longer considered an active customer.
  • No customer record: Customer number not linked to Shopify data
  • Not purchased yet: Custom has yet to make their first purchase


To rank the results in descending/ascending order, click on the heading title accordingly. 


  • The Contacts page shows all numbers collected from Shopify not just the number collected through Blueprint.
  • You will be able to view customers who gave their mobile number at checkout but didn't opt-in to receive marketing messages - these are marked "no preference".
  • Selecting a contact who has no previous message history will open up a new message dialogue with that customer enabling you to message them for first time.


    • Phone number
    • Customer name (if linked to Shopify profile)
    • Marketing Opt-in status
    • Opt-in date
    • Opt-out date
    • Customer Status
    • Total Orders
    • Lifetime Revenue
    • Commerce Subscription Status (taken from Shopify)