Create a Post Order Check-in

The post order check-in is a great opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship and establish a rapport, get product feedback or even link to a review site. This particular message is for a post order check-in after every order (not just the first such as the the Post Order Check-in (1st Order Only) message) and so the copy should be amended accordingly. It may also be that you do not want a post order message sending after every order in which case this message should not be activated.

How to setup

  1. Head to Automations and select 'Create New'

  2. Name the 'Automation Title' as Post Order Check-in (1st Order Only) or something similar and select the Triggering Event as 'Order Placed' or 'Order Fulfilled' (so that the trigger is closer to the delivery date). 

  3. Set the 'SMS Subscription Settings' to be 'Transactional - Only for order confirmation purposes' as a check-in message is still considered a transactional message. 

  4. Leave the Once Per Contact/Triggering Event Filter/Exit Event toggled off (unless there are specific reasons for switching each individual option on).

  5. Toggle on the Contact Filter and set 'Has' > 'Number of Orders' > Greater than or equal to > 2. By setting this, it will exclude all first time orders (these customers will receive the Post Order Check-in (1st Order Only) message) and send to second, third, fourth time purchases etc. This will enable flexibility on the wording of these messages as you may have different copy for first time customers as opposed to those who have purchased multiple times. 

  6. Set the time when the message is sent under 'Send first message after...' to the timeframe of your choosing (e.g 7 Days). The message content can then be added below. Here are some tips and tricks on the Post Order Check-in Message.