Subscription - Recurring Charge Confirmation

The Recurring Charge Confirmation message is sent when a charge is made for a subscription. This message will be sent for all subscriptions payments taken (apart from the very first subscription) as this will be included in the New Subscription message. It can be setup following the steps below:

How to setup

  1. Head to Automations and select 'Create New'

  2. Name the 'Automation Title' as Recurring Charge Confirmation or something similar and select the Triggering Event as 'Subscription - New Recurring Order'

  3. Set the 'SMS Subscription Settings' to be 'Transactional - Only for order confirmation purposes'.

  4. Leave the Once Per Contact/Triggering Event Filter/Exit Event toggled off (unless there are specific reasons for switching each individual option on).

  5. Set the time when the message is sent under 'Send first message after...' to 0 minutes so the confirmation message is sent instantly when the subscription is renewed. The message content can then be added below. 

  6. For more info on how best to setup the Recurring Charge Confirmation, check out our Tips and Tricks!