Subscription - New Subscription Check-in (1st order only)

The New Subscription Check-in is a great opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship and establish an early rapport, solve issues with delivery, get product feedback or even link to a review site. This message will only send to those who have made their first subscription purchase and will not send each time they receive their subscription. Follow these steps to setup:

How to setup

  1. Head to Automations and select 'Create New'

  2. Name the 'Automation Title' as New Subscription Check-in (1st order only) or something similar and select the Triggering Event as 'Subscription - New Subscriber Activated'

  3. Set the 'SMS Subscription Settings' to be 'Transactional - Only for order confirmation purposes'.

  4. Set the time when the message is sent under 'Send first message after...' to the timeframe of your choosing (e.g 7 Days). The message content can then be added below. Here are some tips and tricks on the Post Order Check-in Message.

  5. For more info on how best to setup the New Subscription Check-in, please see our Tips and Tricks!