Subscription - Upcoming Charge

This is the most important of the automated subscription messages as it alerts a customer to their upcoming subscription charge. By alerting the customer before they are charged and by giving them the opportunity to skip or change their order, they are less likely to cancel, extending their LTV in the process. Follow these instructions to setup:

How to setup

  1. Head to Automations and select 'Create New'

  2. Name the 'Automation Title' as Upcoming Charge or something similar and select the Triggering Event as 'Subscription - Upcoming Charge'

  3. Set the 'SMS Subscription Settings' to be 'Transactional - Only for order confirmation purposes'.

  4. Leave the Once Per Contact/Triggering Event Filter/Exit Event toggled off (unless there are specific reasons for switching each individual option on).

  5. Set the time when the message is sent under 'Send first message after...' to 0 minutes so the upcoming charge is sent immediately when we receive the alert from your subscription software. It's important to check see what timeframe this is set to in your subscription software and mimicked accordingly in the message copy (e.g '3 days'). 

  6. For more information on auto-skip functionality and Tips and Tricks on the Upcoming Charge, please read here.