What are Cross-sells and how do they work?

Cross-sells are a powerful way of offering a customer an alternative product(s) after an optimal time period. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons including alleviating product fatigue by suggesting something new or increasing AOV, whether it be a higher priced product or by simply adding more products to their initial order.

The Relo cross-sell model identifies the best cross-selling opportunities dynamically for each customer which can then easily be added to a Klaviyo campaign or flow. The model works by looking at historic orders, identifying which products have high cross-sell rates and then matching those products to customers. After a recommendation is generated, it can be shared via a block in a campaign or a dedicated cross-sell flow and by offering the correct product at the optimal time, the resultant conversion rate and LTV is increased. 

How to create a Cross-sell flow

  1. Firstly make sure your Klaviyo account is integrated with Relo.
  2. Login to your Klaviyo and head to 'Flows'. 
  3. If you are creating a brand new flow, head to the Flows section and select 'Create From Scratch'. DO NOT use a pre-built Klaviyo template as the triggers cannot be edited once created unless the flow is then duplicated using these instructions

  4. Name the flow appropriately and and select 'Create Flow'.

  5. You will need to first setup the correct flow trigger. Select 'Metric' in the lefthand list.

  6. Under 'What action will this trigger' search for 'Cross sell prediction by Blueprint' and select. Please note, if this option doesn't appear, please double check that Klaviyo is integrated in step 1.

  7. After this trigger is added you can then create the content for the cross-sell email. This email should be sent immediately after the trigger. This is because Relo calculates a customised time period based on the individual purchase history of each customer. 

DO NOT put any 'time delay' after the reorder prediction trigger as this will add unnecessary time on to the prediction and reduce the conversion rate. 

Creating a Cross-sell block

  1. Contact your Account Manager who will create a cross-sell block for you. This will contain a dynamic image of the recommended product(s), the product name, price, a button, discount (if necessary) and will contain the same design as your current email template.
  2. Once you have received the block you can preview how this will look for a customer by selecting "Preview and Test".

  3. In preview mode you will be able to see the predictions generated and how the dynamic images change for each customer depending on their last order. 


  • Once the Cross-sell trigger is set at the beginning of a flow, you can link through to any cross-sell Magic Cart using the URL {{ event.bp_magic_cart_link }} behind any image or CTA you create.
  • Up to 3 recommended products are shown in the block. 
  • The minimum follow-on threshold for cross-sells is 25%. This means that after buying product X, if more than 25% of customers then go on to buy product Y, it is an eligible cross-sell opportunity that will be factored into predictions. Anything less than the 25% threshold will be removed from any predictions. The reason for this threshold is so that only relevant products are displayed to a customer.
  • If a customer does not have any recommendations that meet the minimal threshold of cross-sellable products, a prediction will not be generated and the email flow will not be triggered.
  • When creating the email copy, use personalisation, reference the previous order and highlight that this recommended product is specifically tailored to that customer, based on their last order.