Do you have a Customer Referral Programme?

What is Blueprint’s Customer Referral Program?

Refer a merchant and earn a free month using Blueprint!

How does it work?

You will receive a month free for each merchant that you successfully refer!

- Once a merchant moves to a paid plan after a trial will the referral be earned.
- Each new referral will earn you an extra free month with the credit being applied to your next bill.
- Each free month is equivalent to a month on the Startup plan. If your’re currently on a non-Startup plan and successfully refer a new merchant, the equivalent of a free month will be credited to your next bill. 

How do you refer another merchant?

If you want to refer another merchant, please get in touch with us by emailing using the subject Customer Referral 

Can only current Blueprint customers refer others?

This referral program is for Blueprint merchants only. However, if you’re an agency or community wishing to get involved, check out our Partnership Programme.