What are Dynamic Brackets and how to use?

Dynamic Brackets (merge tags) are essentially small pieces of code that can be inserted into sections of messages. These tags will dynamically draw the relevant pieces of information directly from the Shopify account to give a more personalised message. Please note that some tags cannot be used in some automated messages (see below) and if the data cannot be found it will appear blank.

Which Dynamic Brackets can be used in which messages?


1.) Order Confirmation (1st order) & Order Confirmation:

{first_name}, {order_number} {brand_name}

2.) Order Fulfilled:

{first_name} {tracking_number} {tracking_company} {brand_name} {order_number}

3.) Post order check-in

{first_name} {brand_name}

4.) Reorder Prompt

{first_name} {brand_name} {reorder_link}

5.) Abandoned Carts

{first_name} {brand_name} {link_to_checkout}

6.) Group Messaging

{first_name} {brand_name} {link_to_checkout}

7.) Upsells

{upsell_products} {first_name} {brand_name}  {link_to_checkout}

8.) Subscriptions

{subscription_products} {order_total_price} {first_name} {brand_name} {order_number}

9.) Replenishment

{replenishment_products} {first_name} {brand_name} {order_number} {link_to_checkout}

10.) Cross-sells

{recommended_products} {first_name} {brand_name} {order_number} {link_to_checkout}


Dynamic Brackets List


1.) Customers first name:


2.) Customers order number: 


3.) Brands Name (the name displayed on the Blueprint Dashboard). 


4.) Tracking Number (Only for Dispatch Notifications). 


5.) Tracking Company (Only for Dispatch Notifications). 


6.) Reorder link (displaying a customer's previous order to confirm in 1-click)


7.) Upsell Product (Only for Upsells)


8.) Out of Hours

{first_name} {brand_name} 

9.) Subscription Products (Only for Subscription)


10.) Total Price (Only for Subscription)


10.) Replenishment (Only for Replenishment)


10.) Cross-sells (Only for Cross-sells)



If incorrect dynamic brackets are used in the wrong Automation or Group campaign, you will receive an error notification:


If you have any other questions, email us directly at support@blueprint.store