Embedded Forms

Using embedded forms (like Typeform, Jotform or Google Forms) as part of a newsletter signup or email campaign can be a great way to acquire numbers. You could either use these forms in conjunction with Blueprint Smartlinks or once a list of compliant numbers has been acquired, they can be manually uploaded to your dashboard.


Dash Water ran a campaign to promote a new product range and used an embedded form via an email campaign to collect numbers in advance. A couple of days before the launch, we uploaded these numbers into their dashboard and on the day of launch they sent out a targeted campaign using Group Messages with a link to checkout. This campaign was massively successful with an ROI of around 20x. 


Suggested Opt in compliancy language:

"Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers via SMS. By checking this box, I consent to receive SMS. Consent is not a condition of purchase. I can opt-out at any time (See privacy policy for details)."


To add a phone number field to a Typeform follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Content option and choose 'Phone Number'

  2. Enter in your call to action such as "Enter your mobile number for an exclusive offer on our new range" and in the description, add in a compliancy message (see example above)

  3. Select the correct phone number country of your Blueprint number (where your Shopify store is based) and add into the number field.

  4. Select 'OK' and when happy with your design select 'Publish'.


Tutorial Video

HubSpot Video

Please contact us at support@blueprint.store for more info or to enquire about uploading numbers to your dashboard.