Filtering by Geolocation

Filtering by geolocation enables to you to segment your audience into different groups based on their location. This can be very useful if sending group campaigns including (or excluding) subscribers based in specific cities, areas or countries.

How to 

  1. Head to Group Messaging and select 'Create New Group' and select 'Segment'.
  2. Name the group under 'Segment Name' and give a description of the group you're about to create.
  3. Select one of four options to filter:

    - Default Address Country - Select the country from a list
    - Default Address State (US only) - Select the state from a list
    - Select Address City - Freetype the city 
    - Default Address Zip/postcode - Freetype the postal address (this will work for any country which contains a postal code.) 

  4. Either select from the list of available options (if country or state) or freetype the name (if city or zip/postcode).
  5. Select 'Calculate Size' to see the total amount of subscribers who have sent this word or phrase.


    • The geolocation works off the delivery address of the last purchase made.
    • The Default Address State is only available for US merchants.
    • As the 'Default Address City' filter is a freetype field, it is advisable to test with possible variations on the spelling of that city (e.g 'Los Angeles' or 'LA' and 'New York City' and 'NYC'). If there are results for an alternative spelling, add both spellings as multiple filters.
    • The 'Default Address Zip/Postcode' is non case sensitive.
    • The 'Default Address Zip/Postcode' can be used for any country with a postal code.