Filtering by Message Replies

Filtering by message replies can be very useful if wanting to segment your audience by those who have messaged a Keyword or phrase (such as those subscribers opting in for a discount or to join your VIP text list). If for example you use a smartlink to drive subscribers through an email campaign, offering a 10% discount with the opt-in word DISCOUNT10, you could then filter by this message reply to create a segmented group. It can also be useful for finding your unsubscribers by filtering using the keyword 'STOP'.

How to 

  1. Head to Group Messaging and select 'Create New Group' and select 'Segment'.
  2. Name the group under 'Segment Name' and give a description of the group you're about to create.
  3. Select the option 'Select Incoming SMS Message'

  4. Add the text you would like to filter by and select one of the two options 'Contains text' or 'Text is exactly'. 

  5. Select the date range you'd like to filter by or leave the default setting 'In all time' 
  6. Select 'Calculate Size' to see the total amount of subscribers who have sent this word or phrase.


    • The filter is non case sensitive meaning a search of 'Discount10' and 'DISCOUNT10' would return the same results.
    • For improved accuracy, you may want to A/B test the filters 'Contains text' and 'Text is exactly' and compare the results. If for example a subscriber replied 'DISCOUNT10 please' it will be missed if filtering by just 'Text is exactly'.
    • As this group is a dynamic segment, it will automatically grow if more subscribers reply with text that satisfies the criteria.