How to Send a Group Message

Sending a Group campaign is a great way to send a one-time message to your subscribers. Campaigns are useful to let your subscribers know about something specific, like an upcoming product release, a sale you’re running, when an item is back in stock or to simply engage with your audience about news and events! 

How to send


  1. Head to the Group Messaging ( section of your dashboard to see a list of your different groups (to learn more about audience segmentation, please see here.)
  2. You will be able to see the 'Type' of group (whether a fixed List or dynamic Segment), the 'Qty' or number of subscribers in that group and any notes made on that specific group. When creating a new group, you will have the option to choose which group type you'd prefer.

  3. Click on the name of the group you would like to send a campaign to.

  4. Write in the desired message and if required, add your product(s) by selecting the ‘Add Product’ option, selecting from those added to your store (once added, you can always update by selecting ‘update selection’).
  5. If using a List (not a segment) and there are names/numbers you’d like to remove from the campaign, select the ‘Show customer list’ option to reveal the list and use the search function if necessary. Please note if removing the name/number from the list, it will permanently remove that subscriber from the group (including future campaigns). 

  6. When ready, hit the blue 'Send' button to get a preview of the message you're about to send and a summary of the estimated message segment count. When fully happy to send, hit the red 'Send' button to start the campaign.


  • Maximum messaging limit is 100,000.

  • {first_name} and {brand_name} are the dynamic brackets that can be included in group messages, these will be updated with unique customer details for each message. We highly recommend starting group messages with {brand_name}: so customers know who the message is from. Adding {first_name} will help personalise the message 

  • Using emojis 👈 can add visual character, humour and aid brand tone of voice. Similar to capitalisation however they should be used sparingly and can also contribute to high message segment counts. This can become particularly costly when sending group campaigns as every extra message segment is multiplied by the amount of subscribers in the group.

  • The dynamic brackets {link_to_checkout} will be added to the message when a product is added. This will be replaced for each customer message so they have 1-click Ordering with their details pre-filled. 

  • Always add links at the end of a message, as this will give a better preview on customer devices.

  • Before sending to your desired group, send a test message to make sure everything is appearing as expected. We recommend creating a fixed list segment to use specifically for all group message testing containing your own phone number as well as any others you'd like to receive the test.

  • For large groups, messages may take an extended period of time to send to everyone in the group. Please check the estimated send time in the preview section for an indication on send time.