Group Messaging Tips and Tricks

Before sending out a Group Message, read these tips and tricks on how to send a successful campaign.

  • Maximum messaging limit is 100,000 subscribers.
  • {first_name} and {brand_name} are the dynamic brackets that can be included in group messages, these will be updated with unique customer details for each message. We highly recommend starting group messages with {brand_name}: so customers know who the message is from. Adding {first_name} will help personalise the message 
  • Using emojis 👈 can add visual character, humour and aid brand tone of voice. Similar to capitalisation however they should be used sparingly and can also contribute to high message segment counts. This can become particularly costly when sending group campaigns as every extra message segment is multiplied by the amount of subscribers in the group.
  • The dynamic brackets {link_to_checkout} will be added to the message when a product is added. This will be replaced for each customer message so they have 1-click Ordering with their details pre-filled. 
  • Always add links at the end of a message, as this will give a better preview on customer devices.
  • Before sending to your desired group, send a test message to make sure everything is appearing as expected. We recommend creating a fixed list segment to use specifically for all group message testing containing your own phone number as well as any others you'd like to receive the test.
  • For large groups, the message may take an extended period of time to send to everyone in the group. Plan when to send out your campaign so it allows for enough time to send to all the subscribers in your group. 
  • Send all content within one message, including a link. Splitting this into two messages may increase the cost and may be affected by Smart Sending (if setup) which limits how many marketing messages can be delivered to a customer within a given time.
  • You can schedule a group message to be sent in advance. This is really useful if you're creating group campaigns in batches or wanting to send a group message outside of your regular office hours.