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How to add a Klaviyo Banner linking to a customers subscription

Adding a 'Manage Your Subscription' banner to Klaviyo campaigns is a great way to give current subscribers more flexibility on managing their current subscription. The banner can be created using an image or a text block and can be added to any email campaign but will be only shown to those customers with an active subscription.



How to setup using an image

  1. Open up your Klaviyo and navigate to the campaign in question you'd like to edit.
  2. Drag the image block to a desired location and upload the banner image you will have create in advance. The image should contain reorder copy such as: "Want to make changes to your subscription?"

  3. Paste the copy into the Alt text box.
  4. Set the link to the URL changing the YOURSITE.COM to you own website domain: 
    https://YOURSITE.COM/apps/blueprint/manage-subscription?external_customer_id={{person. rc_external_customer_id}}&customer_id={{person.rc_customer_id}} 


  5. Select the ? at the top of the block and make sure it's set to on. Set block to be be conditional with the following text and click Save. This means that the banner will only be shown to those customers who already have a subscription and hidden from all other customers.



  6. Click the star next to the new block and call it "Relo Subscription Manager Block".

  7. Once the blogged is saved it can now be dragged easily into any email block and placed anywhere in the email according to your content and branding.

    Please note: In the new Klaviyio editor the ‘show/hide’ logic is in the ‘Display Options’