How to add products into a chat

If in conversation with a customer, it may be really useful to create a checkout link and add it into the chat. A customer can then select the link for 1-click purchasing to easily and seamlessly purchase that product. 

How to add a product

  1. In the Messaging section, select the 'Add Product(s)' button in the customer profile on the right hand side.

  2. The products listed in your Shopify will then appear*. Select the product you would like by selecting 'Click to add' add. You can add multiple products and multiples of the same item by repeatedly selecting the 'click to add' buttons.

  3. A link will then be added into your chat appearing as the dynamic brackets {link_to_checkout}. When the customer clicks this link, it will open the Shopify checkout with the basket of items pre-loaded and if they've purchased before, their customer details pre-populated in the relevant fields. 

    *Please note that products will only show here if they have a product image added in Shopify.