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How to add the Magic Cart link to 'Subscription Converter' flows

The Magic Cart creates an opportunity for customers to seamlessly convert from a one time purchase to a subscription in just a couple of clicks. The Magic Cart is simply a URL link (personalised to that customer) that can be added to a newly created flow or existing one. For the best results, add the Magic Cart to a repeat buy flow that uses the 'Blueprint upgrade prediction' by adding the URL to the call to action (CTA) in the content of that email e.g the subscribe button or on the image of an item.

How to setup

  1. Head to your Klaviyo Flows and open the 'Subscription Converter' flow you'd like to add Magic Cart links to.
  2. Find the CTA that requires a Magic Cart link such as a 'subscribe now' button.

  3. Click on the Edit Content button and add the code below into the 'Link address' to the image setting or 'Link URL' to the Button Block.
    {{ event.bp_magic_cart_link }} 


  4. Hit save and then replicate on any other CTA's in the email (such as the image itself).


  • You you use this same URL link {{ event.bp_magic_cart_link }} for any CTA's in future subscription emails in this flow - this link is not limited to just the first subscription message. 
  • This same URL is also used for the reordering flows as well. The Relo model will automatically select the correct based on the customer prediction.