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How to add the Magic Cart to Klaviyo upcoming charge emails

If using Klaviyo to send upcoming charge emails (an email alerting customers that their subscription charge is upcoming), adding the Magic Cart will enable customers to manage their subscriptions through Relo.

Please note that the Klaviyo emails can be sent for the upcoming charge using the Klaviyo > Recharge integration whereby emails are triggered (usually 3 days in advance) using the Recharge API. If sending emails through Recharge, please see here on how to add the Magic Cart directly to these Recharge emails.

How to setup

  1. Login to your Klaviyo, head to 'Flows' and find the upcoming charge email you'd like to change by selecting 'Edit Flow'.
  2.  Either edit the current button block or add a new one reading "Manage Your Subscription" or something similar
  3. In the link section add the code below - replace WEBSITE.COM with your own website URL
    https://WEBSITE.COM/apps/blueprint/manage-subscription?charge_id={{ event.charge_id }}&customer_id={{ person|lookup:'rc_customer_id'|default:'' }}