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How to add the Magic Cart to Recharge upcoming charge emails

Adding the Magic Cart to upcoming charge emails from Recharge will enable customers to manage their subscriptions through Relo. This is preferable to using the original Recharge Portal as there is no logging in involved and therefore less friction when making changes to a subscription.


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How to Setup

  1. Login to your Shopify store and head to the Apps section
  2. Select 'Recharge Subscriptions'
  3. Go to Settings and select Notifications

  4. Make sure that the 'Upcoming Charge' is set to 'Enabled' and select to edit the text of the email sent.

  5. If there has been no previous customisation, the generic template will look similar to this when previewed:

  6. The standard template code will look as follows:

  7. Remove the code from line 4 but save this to another doc as you will need this later.  
    <a href='{{link}}'>Manage Subscription</a></p>
  8. Insert the the following Magic Link code into line 4 to replace the previous code. Make sure to add your website URL in the required location and CTA  wording where it reads "Link text here" such as "Manage Your Subscription". 

    <a href="https://website URL/apps/blueprint/manage-subscription?charge_id={{id}}&customer_id={{customer.id}}">Link text here</a> 
  9. IMPORTANT - When pasting in the code double check that the quotation marks at the start and end are the correct ones. Pasting will sometimes alter these. 

  10. Here's an example of how it should appear if done correctly:

    <a href="https://sleepplusbeauty.com/apps/blueprint/manage-subscription?charge_id={{id}}&customer_id={{customer.id}}">Manage Your Subscription</a> 
  11. Next, add a new line of text towards the bottom of the email. In this example, to line 6: "To make any changes to your subscription account". Here's the code you can insert:

  12. <p>To make any changes to your subscription account:<br>
  13. In the line directly below that (line 7 in this example ), you should insert the code that was removed earlier in step 7.

    <a href='{{link}}'>Manage Subscription</a></p>
  14. Once pasted in, change the wording from "Manage Subscription" to "Login here".
    This is a link to the Recharge Portal where a customer can login to their Recharge account directly and make changes. The Magic Cart will be used by the customer to make quick changes (with no logging in) however it's still useful to include a link to Recharge in case a customer needs to login to update card details.

    <a href='{{link}}'>Login here</a></p>
  15. Click "Save" and "Preview" to double check this looks correct. The end result should look like this:

  16. Here is a copy of the code used in the example above:

    <p>Hi How to add the Magic Cart to Recharge upcoming charge emails,</p>

    <p>Your subscription from <a href='http://sleep-plus-drink.myshopify.com'>Sleep Plus Drink</a> is set to renew shortly.</p>

    To manage your subscription, click here:

    <a href="https://website URL/apps/blueprint/subscription-management?charge_id={{id}}&customer_id={{customer.id}}">Manage Your Subscription</a>

    <p>Please email us at hello@sleepplusdrink.com if you have any questions about your subscription and we'll be happy to help!</p>

    <p>To make any changes to your subscription account:<br>

    <a href='{{link}}'>Login here</a></p>

    <p>-Sleep Plus Drink</p>