How to duplicate basic Repeat Buy flows in Klaviyo

Setting up a Repeat Buy flow is critical if you're selling products that your customers purchase repeatedly within a certain timeframe. Relo uses a predictive data trigger (powered by Blueprint), and using this, a replenishment flow can be sent at the optimal time when a reorder is most likely, thus increasing the chance of conversion. It's important to note that:

  • Relo triggers the email to be sent at the correct time however the content itself is not affected and is usually represented by cloning templates of what is currently running in existing flows.
  • Generic reorder flows are usually triggered from an initial order using the trigger "placed order" and a wait period of X amount of days before an email is sent. The Relo trigger calculates a customised time period based on the individual purchase history of each customer and replaces the need for any time delays. 
  • Once the flow has been correctly setup with the Relo reorder trigger in place, a link to the Magic Cart should be placed into any CTA's in the body of subsequent emails. For more info on the Magic Cart and how to setup, please see here.

How to Clone a the flow

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How to add a Discount 

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For more info on how to create a Magic Cart discount code, see here.

How to setup a reorder flow using an existing flow

  1. Firstly make sure your Klaviyo account is integrated with Relo.
  2. Login to your Klaviyo and head to 'Flows'. 
  3. Search for your current existing reorder flow and select 'Edit Flow' and 'Clone' to make a duplicate of this flow.

  4. Rename the new flow appropriately. We suggest 'Relo Repeat Buy Flow' (or something similar) and adding the old flow in brackets so that it is easy to see which original flow has been duplicated. 
  5. Change the 'Trigger' option to 'Reorder Prediction by Blueprint' and click 'Clone Flow'. Please note, if this option doesn't appear, please double check that Klaviyo is integrated in step 1.

  6. Open up this duplicate flow and delete any time delay between the prediction and the first winback email in the flow. Relo calculates a customised time period based on the individual purchase history of each customer to trigger this email at the optimal time. If there is a time delay on top of this, the email will be sent at the wrong time.

  7. Once any time delays have been removed, simply set live this new duplicated flow and switch off the original flow. Here is an example of a basic reorder flow with a trigger and one basic reorder email.