How to find your unsubscribers

When a customer replies with the word 'STOP' they will automatically be unsubscribed from all future communication. You may however, want to view all those numbers in a list, or keep a record of how many unsubscribers there have been over a certain time period.

How to find these numbers

  1. Head to Group Messaging and select 'Create New Group' and select 'Segment'.
  2. Select the option 'Select Incoming SMS Message'

  3. Add the word 'STOP' as the keyword in the incoming text and toggle to 'Text is exactly'. 

  4. If wanting to know the total unsubscribes, leave the default setting 'In all time' however if wanting to know the unsubscribes from a certain time frame (such the previous month for example), select 'In the last 30 days'.
  5. Select 'Calculate Size' to see the total amount of subscribers who have sent this word (or opted out).
  6. If you create the Segment and name it 'Unsubscribers', this will continually update as more customers unsubscribe.


  • You will not be able to message these customers as they have opted out of any further communication. Any message you do try to send, will fail.
  • This list will only contain those customers who have opted out by replying 'STOP'. It will not contain those customers who have been manually unsubscribed.
  • Adding the text STOP is non case sensitive.
  • You can toggle the option from 'Text is exactly' to 'Contains text' however this will contain any replies that contain the word 'stop' and so will potentially be less accurate.