How to grant Relo temporary access to your Klaviyo account

When implementing Relo we may ask for temporary access to your Klaviyo account to help with optimising your current setup. To grant us access to your system we will need to be added as a new user.

How to add Relo as a new user

  1. Head to your Klaviyo account, click into the account dropdown in the upper right of your screen and select Account.

  2. Click Settings > Users > Add New User

  3. Add in the email address of your Customer Success Manager (e.g, select the role as Manager and click Add User. It is important that "manager" status is given as this will allow us to duplicate any existing flows. Please note that we will never make any changes to existing flows or activate new flows without consent from the account holder. Once any changes have been made and nothing more is required, access can be revoked. For more info on Klaviyo permissions see here.