How to link the Magic Cart to the Last Ordered block in Klaviyo

Displaying a dynamic image of the product(s) the customer ordered last time is an excellent way to increase conversion when it comes to reordering. 


An image block (like the example above) can be linked to the Magic Cart following these simple steps:

How to setup

  1. Open up the relevant Klaviyo template and click edit on the the table block. If you need to create a new table block have a read of this Klaviyo help guide.

  2. Select 'Data Source' and in Row Collection paste in the code: event.bp_cart

  3. Select Column1 and in the link section add the Magic Cart code: {{ event.bp_magic_cart_link }}

  4. Select the 'Replace Image' option.

  5. Add in the code: item.imageSrc

  6. Open up Column2 and make sure the following codes are 
    {{ }}

    Quantity: {{ item.quantity|floatformat:0 }}
    Price: ${{ item.price|floatformat:2 }}
  7. If your store is non US based and uses a different currency (e.g £GBP), make sure to amend the currency in the code above:
  8. Select the item name and select the link option {{ }}

  9. Add the Magic Cart link here {{ event.bp_magic_cart_link }}

  10. Once completed, preview the email and follow the Magic Cart link to double check this has worked correctly.