I'm having trouble downloading the app

If encountering issues downloading the Blueprint app, please see the following troubleshooting options.  

White screen stating the log in issue

Shopify uses cookies for the app login functionality. If you are unable to login try the following:

Multi-shop login issue

A login mix-up can happen if different stores have active sessions within the same browser. At that point, changes you make in one store may be done in the other store. If logged in to two stores simultaneously try using different browsers or incognito/private windows for each store.

Shopify Permissions

Check your Shopify user account has the correct permissions to download apps. Only account owners and staff accounts with full permissions are able to download apps. If your account has full access you may need to clear cache and history (in case your device was previously logged in by a user with insufficient permissions) and if not, please log in with an account that has the necessary permissions.