Integrating SMS with Email

How to play email and SMS to their strengths across your customer journey.

It's really important to enable email and SMS to work together to form a richer, more personalized customer experience. SMS as part of an eCommerce stack is designed to compliment email, not replace it. As a higher and higher percentage of eCommerce is built on mobile, mastering both channels is key. 


Strengths of each channel:

How does that relate to the messaging involved in the customer journey?

  • How timely is the message?
  • Does the message require a conversation or reply? 
  • Does the customer need to take immediate action? 
  • Is the focus on long-form content? 


Building that into a customer journey

Used in the right way, email and SMS together can form both a direct 1:1 conversation and deep storytelling. Using the reference points above, you can start to build a customer experience that leverages both channels. 



The overriding focus here is to breakdown what you as a brand want to achieve with each step in the customer journey. In doing this you can understand the principles behind each message and build a rich, 1:1, personalized customer experience. 

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