Key Metrics

  • Revenue from SMS - This is the total amount of revenue generated through the Blueprint platform. This will also be broken down further into how much revenue each individual message will have generated using the Total Messages Sent figure.

  • Orders from SMS - This shows attributed orders as well as a conversion rate of how many out of the Total Messages Sent converted to orders.
  • Total Messages Sent - This shows the total number of messages and message segments sent. 
  • SMS reply rate - This shows the percentage of individuals that received a message and replied. 

Orders from SMS

To see the individual orders, select the 'View Orders' button within the 'Orders from SMS' panel.



All orders within the selected timeframe will then show. The Order ID will link straight through to the customers order within your Shopify account. The date, total order, customer name, message type and the beginning of the message text will also show.