Keywords and Phrases

Create keywords or phrases to opt in customers to your subscriber list.

To help boost your subscriber base, you have the ability to create Welcome Flows when a customer texts a keyword or phrase to be opted in to your subscriber list. These keywords can be used in conjunction with the Smartlinks and produce auto-populated responses of your choosing. The best thing about a customer texting your brand number is that it means that customer is now fully compliant. By proactively texting you, they are giving you explicit consent to text them - they're literally opting in. 



Create the keyword: 'DISCOUNT10' for a 10% discount.

By texting your brand number with this keyword, the customer will receive an auto generated reply of your choosing set up in your Automations. When creating the message make sure to contain a subsequent discount code that can then be entered by the customer at the checkout.  


Create the keyword phrase 'I want to join the VIP group'

By texting your brand number with this phrase, the customer will receive an auto generated reply of your choosing. Again, create a subsequent discount code (or some other incentive) that can be added to to the message. In the example below, the URL to the Wikipedia page on coffee was also added to the end of the message. Note how the URL is hidden and the thumbnail is automatically displayed below. 


  • To personalise your messages, we recommend starting with the dynamic brackets {brand_name} and {first_name} before the main body of your message (e.g 'Hey {first_name}, it's {brand_name} here!') If the customer has not purchased from your store before the first name will be unknown and so will not appear in the message. The example previously would then read 'Hey, it's {brand_name} here'. 

  • You can have multiple keywords or phrases linked to the multiple message replies. For example you may want a different message and code for different campaigns or groups.

  • You can include URL links (such as to your website) if you'd like to send another page. Include these links at the end of the message so they preview correctly on mobile devices (see examples below).

  • The keywords or phrases are not case sensitive however they do need to be spelt exactly as instructed otherwise the triggered response would not be sent.

  • If messaging your brand number for the very first time, a customer will receive an automatically generated response (created by us) which will detail how the customer can opt out by texting the word "stop". If the customer then replies with "stop" they will automatically be opted out of future communication. See here for further info.