Klaviyo Subscribers Integration

How to integrate Blueprint with your Klaviyo subscribers.

There are two methods of importing Klaviyo subscribers into your dashboard. The first method (available to all merchants) is to draw numbers directly from any 'lists' created in Klaviyo. The second option, (available to US merchants only), draws into the dashboard any phone numbers added via popups or landing pages using SMS consent . The video below gives an overview of finding your API keys and importing numbers using the second method.

Finding API Keys and Setting Up SMS Subscriber Method (US Only)

HubSpot Video


Finding your Klaviyo API keys

In order to connect with Klaviyo, you will need to know your Klaviyo API key codes:

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo and head to 'Account'

  2. Go to Settings > API Keys

  3. Select 'Create Private API Key'

  4. Name it "Blueprint"

  5. Click on the eye button to reveal the key and copy these codes.

How to Setup in Blueprint

  1. Head to the Integrations Hub and select the Klaviyo option.

  2. Add the public and private API keys copied from your Klaviyo (detailed above).
  3. For merchants based in the US (with a US brand number), you have the option to check the box 'Enable importing SMS subscribers (US only)'. This method imports all customers who double opt-in via SMS. Blueprint will automatically draw any numbers taken through Klaviyo (such as through a popup) and add them to your subscriber list. Please note that new subscribers may take up to 10 minutes to show in your list of Subscribers.

  4. To opt in using the Klaviyo lists option (all non US merchants), check the box 'Enable importing all subscribers to certain lists' and select the relevant subscription lists you'd like to import. This method imports from one or more โ€˜listsโ€™ when a contact subscribes to the list. Please note that US merchants can also set this option and can be used in combination with the SMS option detailed in point 3 above.

  5. Once the lists are activated you can 'Test the connection' and select 'Activate' to switch on the integration.


  • A contact is only added to the Blueprint when they subscribe to the Klaviyo list, meaning the list's โ€˜double optin' settings are honoured. For more info on Klaviyo's double opt-in see here.
  • If double opt-in is enabled (this is the default settings), the contact would need to click the link in the email to subscribe to the list (and therefore be imported).
  • If single opt-in is enabled, the contact will be added immediately on opting in.
  • We do not unsubscribe contacts when they are removed from the Klaviyo list. If a contact wishes to be removed from Blueprint, they will need to reply with STOP to a message or they can be manually removed internally. 
  • When creating a Klaviyo popup, the list added should match the same one in Blueprint so the two sync.