MMS (sending images)

When sending a group message, replying to a 1:1 chat or sending automations, you can include an image to be sent as an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). MMS  messages will show images/GIF's without a link and automatically preview on customer devices.


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How to Send an MMS

  1. Head to the Messages or Group Messaging sections and add any accompanying text you'd like to send with you message (as if you were sending a standard SMS). Select the paperclip icon

  2. Either select the 'Upload' button to browse your device or drag and drop the selected file into the window.

  3. Once the image has been added, you can choose whether to insert as a link or attach as a as MMS - choose MMS and select 'Add to message'

  4. You will see a preview of the message along with an option to remove the image. When ready, click send!

  5. After sending, you will see the image with the text below.

  6. When customers receive an MMS it will look like this:


  • MMS is only available to merchants with a US number.
  • MMS can be both sent and received.
  • MMS messages have a maximum character limit of 1600 and are charged at 5 message segments.
  • The file types available to send are: JPEG, PNG and GIF.
  • Uploading an Image - Best Practices