What are Omniblocks and how do they work?

An Omniblock is a unique Relo feature whereby a single Klaviyo block (consisting of one line of code), can be added to any Klaviyo flow or campaign. It is uniquely personalised to that customer based on their customer profile and previous orders and will dynamically show the best offer available to them. When clicking the CTA, the customer will be taken through to the relevant Magic Cart such as a reorder cart, subscription management page or cross-sell cart where they can perform the action required. Omniblocks can be created using static images or can be designed to be dynamic, containing the customers name, order and an image of the product.


Omniblocks are really useful as they are so simple to use. There's no need for complex HTML coding, flows do not need to be regularly updated and they can be added to your saved blocks and dragged into any campaign in one click! To create an omniblock, please contact your Account Manager.

How do they work?

  • Omniblocks work by selecting the best prediction based on the customer's unique purchase history. Whether a Repeat Buy, Cross-sell or Subscription Converter, the most applicable will be dynamically displayed to the customer.
  • The text and image change depending on the customer and product offered. 
  • If no offer is available (perhaps the person is not a current customer) then the block will be hidden.
  • Omniblocks display as blank in the Klaviyo editor as they are reliant on the customer profile and are therefore only visible when being previewed through the editor.


This campaign was sent to all contacts in the merchant's mailing list educating on the benefits of the product and encouraging existing customers to write a review. Any customers who had previously made an order received this email with the omniblock displaying a reorder banner at the bottom of the email.  


After clicking the 'Get it now' option, customers were taken through to their personalised Magic Cart with other 'You may also like' items also available.