What is the 'Opt-in' message and how can it be changed?

When a contact proactively messages the Blueprint number for the first time (or they're not currently registered as 'opted in'), the system will automatically send an opt-in message. If a contact has made a purchase before or registered as opted-in (perhaps included as part of an upload), they will not receive this message.

This message is sent as standard and in compliance with GDPR and TCPA regulations. It is a  requirement of these regulations to communicate to a contact how they can opt out at any time. For this reason, only part of the opt-in message can only be modified and must be done so on request (please email support@blueprint.store to edit).


  • The message will always include your store name.
  • The message will be sent separately to any other automated messages that may be scheduled to send. 
  • This message cannot be combined with any other messages.
  • If a customer replies to post purchase automation (such as a post order check-in) and they are already opted-in, they will not receive this message.