Order Fulfilment Message

The order fulfilment message can be a good way to provide the customer with some up to date information on the status of their order. Some tips and tricks:
  • Use this message to not only inform the customer of the progress of their order but as another touchpoint to build brand awareness and relationships. As well as simply stating that the product has been shipped, add other information such as expected delivery times or whether the customer could do anything in advance of their product arriving.
  • Use your brand tone of voice to build some excitement and capitalise on this with links to social media or a mailing list.
  • Make sure your {brand_name} is added at the start of the message so customers know who is messaging if the haven't saved your number

  • Use the customer tags to convey both the tracking company {tracking_company} and tracking number {tracking_number}. This information draws directly from what is written in Shopify and so if the optional tracking number is not added in Shopify, this will not show in the Blueprint message and will appear as a blank space.

  • Make sure the {tracking_number} tag is written at the end of the message to give the best visual. Please note that this won’t be a hyperlink and so we recommend adding a link to the tracking section of the delivery company’s website - a customer can then copy and paste the tracking number after following the link.

  • Please note that if you turn on the Blueprint fulfilment message as well as ticking the ‘Notify customer of Shipment' box within Shopify, the customer will receive both an email from Shopify and a text from Blueprint.