Out of Hours

Setting up your ‘Out of Hours’ and auto response message.

The ‘Out of Hours’ function works in much the same way an ‘Out of Office’ reply would work for an email inbox. If there are times when you or your team are unable to reply to any incoming customer messages, you are able to set an auto response message to send between certain times of each day.

How to Setup

  1. Head to Settings in your dashboard. 

  2. Scroll down to Out of Hours and switch the toggle to on.

    You have the ability to set each day of the week to ‘Online’ (setting the appropriate times you’d be happy to respond to messages), `Online (all day)’ or ‘Offline’ (which will automatically set to away for the whole of the day).

    Please note: You are still able to respond to a message even if it's outside of your hours set. The time zone will be the same for what is setup for the Quiet Hours feature and can be set at the top of the Settings page.

  3. Beneath the times you can set the automated message that will be sent to a customer in reply to their message. The standard templated message will be:

  4. We recommend editing this accordingly and it may be worth stating what your usual business hours are so the customer is aware of when they are likely to receive a reply.

    Please note that the Dynamic Brackets that can be used here are the {brand_name} and {first name} (if no first name is known, it will be left blank).