Post Order Check-in Messages


The 'Post Order Check-in' (for one time orders) and 'New Subscription Check-in' (for subscriptions) are very important messages as it's perhaps the first message where you can elicit a response from the customer. This could be a great opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship and establish an early rapport, get product feedback or even link to a review site. Remember, you have a unique opportunity in that you have a direct line into the pocket of a consumer that will stand out above mass marketing emails. Here are some tips to help convert your audience into ‘superfans’: 

  • Give the message a personal feel by including a staff member name. E.g Hey {first_name}, it's Jonny here from The Coffee Company." Many customers receiving this message will be unaware that it is automated and will think you have personally taken the time to check in with them personally on how their order was. 
  • Make sure that the {first_name} tag is used to personalise further. 
  • Include your individual brand voice - How about a sentence on the founder’s story, product news, or even quirky brand fact. 
  • Use emojis to help the message stand out ☝️
  • Set an appropriate time delay that will allow for enough time after delivery so as to gain useful insights into their product experience. Perhaps set the Triggering Event to 'Order Fulfilled' rather than 'Order Placed' meaning that the flow will begin when the order is fulfilled rather than when the customer actually places the order. Use a custom timeframe for further accuracy. 
  • Ask the customer a direct question on their experience of the product.
  • You could offer a discount on their next purchase using a code that they can enter at the checkout of their next purchase.
  • You could add a call to action such as providing a URL link to a review website such as Trustpilot (make sure to add this link at the end of the message so it displays a preview of the site in the message). Alternatively you could send a review link manually to any positive replies received.