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Post Order Check-in Message

Tips and tricks on how to customise the post order check-in message


The post order check-in is perhaps the first message where you can elicit a response from the customer. This could be a great opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship and establish an early rapport, get product feedback or even link to a review site. Remember, you have a unique opportunity in that you have a direct line into the pocket of a consumer that will stand out above mass marketing emails. Here are some tips to help convert your audience into β€˜superfans’: 

  • Edit the message to include your individual brand voice - How about a sentence on the founder’s story, product news, or even quirky brand fact. 
  • Use emojis to help the message stand out ☝️
  • Set an appropriate time that will allow for enough time after delivery so as to gain useful insights into their product experience.
  • Ask the customer a direct question on their experience of the product.
  • You could offer a discount on their next purchase using a code that they can enter at the checkout of their next purchase.
  • Add a call to action such as providing a URL link to a review website such as Trustpilot (make sure to add this link at the end of the message so it displays a preview of the site in the message).