Privy Popup Integration

How to integrate Blueprint with your Privy popup

The Privy integration allows Privy signup popups to add subscribers to Blueprint.

This needs to be created using the default Privy phone number and opt-in fields:

  • The customer will only be subscribed if the phone number opt-in checkbox is checked. If it is not checked, the submission has no effect.
  • Popups can be created requesting both name and email address fields (as well as phone numbers) however it is important to note that any info added in these sections will not be imported as Blueprint only associates names with Shopify customers.
  • If the popup is submitted with an invalid phone number the submission is discarded. 

How to setup

We will provide an integration webhook address (please contact us at to request). After receiving the link, it will need to be added to your Privy account following these simple steps:

  1. Select 'Integrations' from the drop down list of options


2.   Select 'Webhooks'



3.    Select 'Custom'



 4.    Under 'Method' select 'POST', enter the webhook address we provided in the URL field and select 'Signups' only.


How to add a Phone Field to an email popup

HubSpot Video

Steps in the video 

1.   Click on the active campaign you want to edit

2.    Select 'Create'

3. Select 'Click to Edit' to Form fields

3. Select the 'Add Field' drop down and select 'Phone'. This will add a phone and opt-in field.