QR Codes

What is a QR code? 

A quick response, or QR, code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned using a mobile device. 

Using QR codes with Blueprint Smartlinks

Using a Blueprint Smartlink is a great way to grow your subscriber base by creating a pre-populated SMS message on a customer's mobile device that can be used to opt them in.

An even better way to utilise Smartlinks is alongside a QR code. 

You can embed a Smartlink into a QR code which will mean when the QR code is scanned on a mobile device, it will pre-populate your chosen Keyword or Phrase on the user's device such as 'JOIN' or 'Hey I want to join the VIP group'. 

Then by clicking 'send', the customer will be added to your subscriber list and receive a customised auto-response linked to that keyword or phrase. By proactively texting you, they are opting in and giving you explicit consent to text them. 

This creates a seamless user experience that requires minimal work from your subscribers - just a quick scan of the QR code then a click of the send button and they’re subscribed! 

If they’re already opted into SMS, you can also create a QR code to be sent via SMS that takes your subscribers directly to your shop or a specific product page. 

Where to use QR codes

Once you’ve created a QR code, you want it to be seen. Here are just a few places you can put a QR code: 

  • Your product packaging and merchandise 
  • Your marketing emails 
  • Your website and social media 
  • On promotional flyers or booklets 
  • On the big screen as part of your presentation at events 

Basically, you can place your QR card anywhere your customers will see it!

Where to create a QR code 

There are many free websites where you can quickly and easily create QR codes, such as QR Code Generator

Try it out 

We’ve created an example QR code for you to try out below, simply scan the code using your mobile device camera. 


For UK and other non-US users:

blueprintuk (2)

For US users:



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