Re-order Prompt Message

The reorder prompt message is helps instigate the reorder process. Rather than a mass marketing email, a text containing a 1-click purchase (through a permalink to checkout with the previous order and pre-filled customer details) is key in converting those customers who may otherwise have churned. Here are some tips on increasing the conversion rate: 

  • Edit the message to include your individual brand voice - How about a sentence on the founder’s story, product news, or even quirky brand fact. 
  • Make sure your {brand_name} is present so that customers know who is messaging if they haven't saved your number.

  • For an extra personal touch, add a first name from someone from your business. E.g "Hey {first_name} it's Jonny here from {brand_name}". Our analysis shows engagement is higher if the customer thinks the message is coming directly from a member of your team!
  • Make sure to set the time that this message is triggered to send, to the most appropriate time after their first order. You can gain insights into this number by checking your current reorder frequency (you can find this time in your Customer Analytics). 

  • Critical to the ease of reordering is the ability to 1 click purchase from this message. The pre-filled template messages contain the tag {reorder_link} and this should be kept in this message. This tag will display the customer’s previous order and need only select this to be taken straight to the checkout page with all of their details already pre-filled in.
  • Make sure that the {reorder_link} tag is placed at the very end of the message so that it will show as an expanded link with image preview on most phones.


  • You could offer a discount on their next using a code that they can enter at the checkout.