Recharge Integration

The Blueprint > Recharge integration enables you to send upcoming subscription reminders, confirmations and post subscription check-ins to all your customers on a Recharge subscription. This can be useful for many reasons including alerting a customer when their subscription is almost due, whether they might need to skip, pause or delay and gaining feedback and reviews. 


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Setting Up

  1. Firstly head to the Integrations Hub in your dashboard and select 'Recharge'

  2. On the next page select 'Activate Connection'
  3. Next you will be shown a page documenting a list of Recharge modifications Blueprint will be required to access in order to send the messages correctly. Select 'Install' to authorise.

  4. If the connection is successful you will be shown the message:
"Install complete. You can close this window"

Setting up Subscription Messages in Blueprint

To setup your Subscription messages, head to the Automations section in your dashboard and toggle live (or create) the relevant Subscription automations.