Schedule a Group Message

Group messages can be scheduled to be sent in advance. This is useful if creating campaigns in batch or sending at times outside of regular office hours.

How to Schedule a Group Message

  1. Head to  Group Messaging, select the group you'd like to message.

  2. Write the desired copy and when happy with the message content, select 'Preview'. 

  3. The preview screen will show you the message preview, subscriber count, estimated segments and the estimated time to send. There will also be the option to 'Send Now' or 'Scheduled Send'. 
  4. Select 'Scheduled Send' and enter in the date and time you'd like the message to be sent and to confirm your selection, press Send. Please note: this message will be sent based on the timezone set in the Settings section.

  5. Once scheduled the message will be marked as 'Schedule' and show the date and time it is due to be sent.

  6. To view all scheduled messages, head back to the Group Messaging homepage and select 'Scheduled Messages'.

  7. You will be able to see all scheduled messages along with all the relevant message details. Select cancel if you need to cancel the message. To edit the message, you will need to cancel the queued message and reschedule a new message. Please note: only campaigns that have been scheduled will display in the scheduled messages page, you will not be able to view sent/cancelled campaigns. To view sent campaigns, head to the Message Analytics section and select Group Campaigns.