How to Create a Dynamic Segment

You have the ability to segment your audience in Blueprint into many different groups and cohorts. This can be very useful when sending group campaigns to different targeted audiences of your choice. The segments can be either dynamic (automatically updating in real-time) or can be fixed list which can be edited and updated at any time.

How to create a custom dynamic segment? 

  1. Click on ‘Create Group’ and select the ‘Segment’ option

  2. Create a segment name and an accompanying description - e.g VIP’s

  3. Use the various drop down options to filter down your whole Blueprint customer database.

  4. Once an initial set of filtering options have been chosen, you have the option to add more filtering fields using the AND/OR button. After all desired fields have been added, select the button ‘Calculate Size’ to generate the number of customers that fall within the designated filtered fields.

  5. Once happy with the segment, select ‘Create Segment’ to add this new group to your existing cohorts. Segments are updated every 12 hours but will automatically update when you preview a group message before sending.

  6. Once added, selecting the ‘Edit’ button will take you back to the previous page to edit once again. 

How to create a fixed group segment? 

  1. Click on ‘Create Group’ and select the ‘List’ option

  2. Firstly name the group accordingly in ‘List Name’ and ‘List Description’. Then simply tick the boxes next to the names or numbers in the list you’d like to add. To search for a name or number, use the search box above the list. After all desired names/numbers have been added, select the ‘Create New List’ option to save.