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Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Cart Messages are sent after a customer abandons their cart on your checkout

Abandoned Carts Video


Abandoned carts is a hugely powerful tool to reduce churn rates and recover sales that have otherwise been lost. This tool will actively target customers who have shown interest in a product in your store but for an unknown reason, haven’t made a purchase at checkout. By sending a customer a personalised message while the order might still be fresh in the memory, the customer may be prompted to reorder. 

Firstly, head to the Abandoned Carts tab in your Blueprint Dashboard. 



Once there, you can set up-to 3 Abandoned Cart messages with customised tone of voice and timeframe:



Each Abandoned Cart message is meant to work together to build that customer back up to purchase. For best-practices, see our Tips and Tricks on Abandoned Carts.



Custom Tags that can be used on your Abandoned Carts:

1.) Customers first name:


2.) Customers unique checkout link:



If you have any other questions, email us directly at support@blueprint.store